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Announcement on Updating and Upgrading the logo Logo

Issuing time:2023-12-05 08:36Author:朗医

Dear customers and partners

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for your strong support to Dr. Lang all along.

To enhance the personalized recognition and dissemination of the Langyi brand, further enhance the company's corporate image, shape the industry brand, enhance the brand's influence and competitiveness, and better reflect the company's strategic layout and technological service innovation development plan.

The company logo will undergo the following adjustments:

424242.pngThe company's major B2B platforms, media, products, promotional materials, and other logos, mainly on the official website, will gradually be replaced with new versions of logos. During this update period, the new logo and the old logo have equal validity until they are completely updated, and the old logo becomes invalid.

We hereby announce that if any inconvenience is caused to you due to the replacement of the logo, please understand!

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December 5, 2023                                           

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